About CTx

Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx) is in the business of finding cures for cancer. It was founded in 2007 and received an initial seven years of funding from the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program. It is a collaborative partnership of leading research institutes, universities and commercial enterprises that translates Australia’s innovative research discoveries into new cancer drugs ready for clinical development. CTx was awarded a further six years of CRC Program funding from July 2014. In addition to the CRC Program funding, CTx receives licensing revenues and additional cash and in-kind funding from its 16 partners.

CTx is governed by an independent skills-based Board and led by a highly experienced Management team. The collaborative research and business model allows innovative approaches to drug discovery as well as commercialisation of the research pipeline.  The major focus for our drug discovery is early intervention in the metastatic cascade. With around 90% of cancer deaths resulting from progressive metastatic disease, it is imperative to move our attention to this arena and away from targeting advanced cancer where only limited benefits have been attained to date. We bring this focus to not only common adult cancers, but also to the somewhat neglected area of new drugs for children with cancer. To help us extend our reach in this area we have been joined in the partnership by Australia’s leading research institute for children’s cancer.

The company’s research and development capabilities span the full range of technologies and expertise required to discover novel small molecule cancer drugs and develop them to the clinical candidate stage. Our collaborative model allows us to integrate experts in cancer target biology into our project teams.

CTx maintains an extensive and robust patent estate covering its small molecule leads and preclinical candidates. Our business model allows us routes to commercialisation through our internal commercial partners or by partnering with international pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies.

CTx has partners in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane as well as in Singapore. We are interested in expanding our collaboration to additional organisations that can bring novel cancer biology or wish to work within our innovative business model.