CTx Education Program acknowledged in Government’s report

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CTx’s Molecules to Medicine program was recently recognised in the Review of the Cooperative Research Centres Programme, released 19 May 2015 by the Hon Ian Macfarlane, Minister for industry and Science.

“The role of CRCs in industry-focused research training and in producing research graduates who go on to obtain employment in industry is a valuable contribution to skills and capability development. A number of tailored training models, including ‘Balanced Scientist’ (Invasive Animals CRC), ‘Molecules to Medicine’ (Cancer Therapeutics CRC) and the ‘Industry Placement Award’ (CRC for High Integrity Pork Production) have been successful in responding to and supporting sectoral industry needs.”

“ These research training strategies provide opportunities for PhD students to undertake professional skills development as part of their research, which helps to break down the cultural barriers between the research sector and industry and help deliver industry-ready graduates.

This element of the programme should be maintained. Consideration should be given to broadening these opportunities to work with industry partners in CRCs and CRC-Ps for students undertaking relevant vocational education and training and undergraduate courses.”

The M2M program has been proven to enable academic researchers to move beyond their previously narrow training and take on the challenges of managing the multi-disciplinary relationships that are necessarily involved in developing new medicines, diagnostics and devices. They are being equipped for leadership roles in academia, in industry and in service firms.

To learn more about the M2M, visit molecules2medicine.org

To read more about the the CRC Programme review report – Growth Through Innovation and Collaboration – visit business.gov.au