Working with us

Our focus is finding cures for cancer. To achieve this, we use the best minds, partners and technology to change how we discover, develop and deliver the next generation of cancer drugs. We continually seek and engage with governments, industries and institutions to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.
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How we work

CTx applies a project focused funding model allowing its Research Partners to fully utilise and leverage their drug discovery capabilities. Largely independent of other grants and awards, it provides a stable funding stream that allows partners to build drug discovery expertise while retaining routes for translation of excellent basic research. Commercial Partners are able to invest in novel and inherently risky projects while sharing some of the risk and the rewards with the CTx partnership. They get early access to and commercial options over exciting science, without having to be exposed to the full risk of an early stage discovery project.

Who we work with


With proven success and a pipeline of innovative early stage small molecule oncology programs, backed up with data-rich packages, CTx is an ideal partner for growth-focused pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are looking for assets to take to the next stage.

Our Participants

The Company draws on the world-class research reputation of its collaborative scientific partners and their expertise, including discovery capabilities that combine cutting-edge cancer biology and industrial scale small molecule medicinal chemistry.

Researchers & Students

Working at the academic/industry interface, CTx has a strong focus on training graduate and postgraduate studies in skills related to Australian emerging pharmaceutical industry. CTx supports supports careers in drug discovery, in particular through building capacity in translational biology and medicinal chemistry.