Industry Partners

Filling the gap between excellence in basic cancer research and unmet needs in targeted cancer therapies.

With proven success and a pipeline of innovative early stage small molecule oncology programs, backed up with data-rich packages, CTx is an ideal partner for growth-focused pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are looking for assets to take to the next stage.

Partnering with CTx comes with a number of commercial upsides including:

  • • Working with an organisation with stable funding, resources and technology
  • • Access to expertise in translation of novel biology
  • • Ability to submit own targets
  • • Competitive and transparent revenue sharing arrangements
  • • A hand-built project team with the necessary skills and a project leader that knows drug development
  • • Low risk commercialisation
  • • Beneficial share in our IP Pool
  • • Potential access to  Australian R&D Tax Incentive Program for firms that partner for innovation

For commercial in confidence discussions, contact us on +61 3 6388 7830 or at